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  • As a Ready Tensor contributor, you can work on any of the AI/ML problems presented on the platform.
  • You can contribute individually or collaborate with the best minds anywhere in the world.
  • Choose any language (Python, R, etc.) and use any of the common AI/ML frameworks.
  • There are no deadlines or time constraints for model submissions.

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Gain recognition and valuable feedback by publishing your models on Ready Tensor's public catalog of open-source models. Join a thriving community of innovators, collaborate with experts, and showcase your expertise to the world.

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Simplify the testing and evaluation process for your models on Ready Tensor. Benefit from automated, standardized testing and benchmarking, enabling convenient comparisons with other models. Gain valuable insights into the performance of your models and easily determine their standing within the AI community.

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Unleash your AI potential by joining the ranks of our top developers. Explore the scoreboards and be inspired by the rock stars of the AI world. Learn, collaborate, and elevate your skills to new heights in this vibrant community.

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New To Data Science?

  • View tutorials, user guides and blogs on various topics related to development of AI models.

  • Explore current top-performing models for reference and inspiration.

  • Start with easier model categories such as regression or classification.

  • Submit your own models or model enhancements and get feedback from the community.

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