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Engage in a comprehensive academic experience combining data science hackathons, capstone projects, and class assignments.

A Platform for Future Innovators

Empowering Student AI/ML Mastery

Data Science Competitions and Hackathons

Engage with actual AI/ML challenges using diverse, real-world datasets, providing a hands-on approach to mastering complex AI concepts. This practical exposure ensures students are well-equipped for the demands and opportunities of the future AI-driven workforce.

Open-Source Collaboration

Dive into a community-driven learning environment, where the sharing of knowledge and best practices is not just encouraged but celebrated. Collaborate with peers and AI experts globally, fostering a rich, diverse understanding of AI/ML applications.

Recognition and Exposure

Achieve recognition as top-performing students or teams are celebrated on our scoreboards, showcasing their AI/ML prowess to a broad audience. This platform of acknowledgment not only motivates but also opens doors to future opportunities in the AI/ML domain.

Cultivate the Next Generation of AI Leaders

Begin Your Educational Adventure

  • Sign-up for Team Hub account and invite students and faculty.

  • Pick an AI problem for your hackathon or project.

  • Upload your datasets and establish a scoreboard.

  • Submit your models and monitor performance metrics.

  • Publish results and recognize standout performers.

Ready Tensor is Here to Support You

We can help you every step of the way!

  • Access a rich library of AI/ML models and comprehensive documentation for enhanced learning and research.
  • Utilize straightforward "how-to" guides for easy development, submission, and testing of AI models.
  • Engage in collaborative discussions and seek clarifications on our interactive platform.
  • Receive specialized support for advanced AI projects, optimizing efficiency and outcomes.

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